Cougar Ranch

Your Hosts: Miriam & Andy Stiffler

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This is a working cattle ranch combined with a guest ranch business. There are 2 venues to rent out:
1. Guest log cabin rustic style, good for 2-4 people, 5 minutes away from the Ranch with a beautiful panoramic view. Fully equipped kitchen and living area, bathroom with hot shower, 1 bedroom with queens bed upstairs, 2 twin beds.
2. Beautiful attic apartment in new log guest house, good for 2-6 people, 700 sqf fully equipped kitchen with brand-new cook stove and oven, fridge, huge living area, bathroom with shower, 1 bedroom with queens bed, mattresses on loft, possibility for one more bedroom with 1- 2 twin beds.
Guided trail rides 1-4 hours checking on cattle and exploring the area are offered. Canoe and kayak rentals available. English, Swiss-German, and German spoken.

Located at 51053 Eakin Settlement Road (Southside)

Reservations: 1 250 694 3687

Double Box Ranch

Your Hosts: Annie & Ian Van Metre

Year-round working ranch producing natural, grass-fed beef & lamb. Watch biodiversity in action as the caribou and moose mingle with the herd out on the open range. Cabins and lodge house available to use as your base for your fishing and/or hunting trips, winter and summer recreation, photography safaris, wildlife viewing, work proximity or just simple relaxation. Remote, self-sufficient getaway located at Km. 41 on Ootsa Lake East Rd……at the east end of Ootsa Lake, surrounded by the forest of Henson Hills and beyond!

58686 East Ootsa Lake Road (Southside)

Reservations: 1 250 694 3302

Ootsa Lake Ranch

Your Hosts: Hans and Barbara Buch


Hans and Barbara Buch have guest accommodation available right on Ootsa Lake. They raise Rideau Arcott Sheep, a hardy Canadian breed for milk, meat and wool.

54075 East Ootsa Lake Road (Southside)

Reservations: 1 250 694 3417