Ice Fishing

It is common knowledge that the Lakes District is known for its  3000 miles of fishing…but many probably forget that the winter months offer great fishing opportunities in the area as well!

Hot spots for fishing include Co-op, Kager, and Guyishton lakes, all of which are within a 15 minute drive of town.  Eastern Brook trout populate Co-op Lake, and Rainbow trout can be caught out of Kager and Guyishton Lakes.

Some of the larger lakes in the area also offer good ice fishing and the chance to catch burbot (ling cod) and char; however due to their size it takes a long period of very cold weather for them to build ice that is safe enough to fish on and some years these bigger lakes do not freeze at all.

Exercise caution while on frozen water bodies, and be aware that conditions change on a daily basis and may vary from lake to lake.  Please look at this Ice Safety Information and talk to the knowledgeable staff at local outdoors stores before heading out on the ice.

The Rod Loan program will be launching in Burns Lake on February 8th, 2016. Families or organized groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides, after school clubs, and others interested in trying their luck or introducing kids to fishing are welcome to borrow spinning rods and reels complete with a tackle box of gear, and an ice auger for ice fishing in the winter! More information can be found on the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s website.